When a family member or loved one goes into a nursing home, you should expect nothing less than impeccable care. After all, those requiring extra support are some of the most elderly and vulnerable people in society. Similarly, if you’re the one entering a care home you should have every right to feel happy, content and safe.

On the whole, care homes abide by the UK law. This states that care home providers should ensure every resident is comfortable, safe and unharmed. Sadly, however, care home neglect and care home abuse does occur, which is why we’re here to offer our expertise.

At Satchell Moran Solicitors Limited, we understand that care home neglect can cause trauma to both the victim and the families involved. Unacceptably poor practice or inadequate care home policies can lead to serious injuries, long-term health problems and even death. While malpractice and issues of abuse aren’t comfortable topics, it’s important to seek legal help if you’re worried. Our specialist team of nursing home negligence lawyers will listen carefully to your concerns and help you build a strong case.

Care Home Neglect Claim Examples

Legal action could be brought against the care home in question in any of the following situations. If in doubt, contact us and we’ll offer our full support.

  • Failure to prevent pressure sores
  • Failure to provide wheelchairs or walking aids
  • Lack of supervision resulting in injury
  • Poor understanding and treatment of dementia patients
  • Careless handling of residents between beds and chairs
  • Failure to change soiled clothes or bed sheets
  • Failure to clean or wash residents
  • Poor hygiene
  • Not providing any or enough food or water
  • Dehydration
  • Use of unnecessary or excessive force
  • Failure to deal with complaints
  • Medication errors
  • Physical, verbal or sexual abuse
  • Serious injury or death

Speak to us today and let us help you with issues of care home neglect.

Specialists in Care Home Neglect Claims

At Satchell Moran Solicitors Limited, we will approach your case with great care and compassion. We know the care of loved ones is a very fragile subject matter, but it’s important to stand up for those that are vulnerable and protect their human rights. We act on behalf of victims or their family/loved ones and have vast experience securing apologies from care homes as well as admissions of wrongdoing and care home compensation.

It’s our job to ensure issues are acknowledged and dealt with appropriately according to the law. Care home improvements should also be made to prevent the same issues happening to other people. As specialists in care home neglect claims, we can:

  • Deal with all aspects of your claim, helping to reduce stress and worry. If you’re in recovery from care home abuse, you’ll have less to think about with our help.
  • Provide expert legal advice and build a strong case that’ll help unravel abuse in care homes. We’ll be with you every step of the way and you won’t be alone. Everything you tell us will be handled with utmost confidentiality.
  • Offer a free consultation. And in many cases, we operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

Care Home Neglect FAQs

Are there any obvious signs of care home neglect?

If your loved one is residing at a care home, it’s important to talk to them to ensure they feel happy and content. You can also look out for obvious signs of abuse that might ring alarm bells. These include:

  • Pressure ulcers. 95% of pressure ulcers are avoidable with proper care.
  • Malnourishment and dehydration.
  • Food and drink being placed obviously out of reach – always question this.
  • Failure to administer medication and placing medication out of reach.
  • Abrasions or bruising. This could be an accident, or a sign or something more sinister.
  • Personality changes or signs of fear around staff members. This could indicate emotional abuse rather than anything physical.

How can I protect my loved one?

If you have any worries about care home abuse, report your concerns to nursing home management, making sure everything is fully documented. You can then contact a nursing home negligence lawyer such as those from Satchell Moran Solicitors.

We’re here to support you, so contact us today.


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