Financial mis-selling is the selling of a financial product which was not entirely suitable, or one that was sold to you without full and proper advice.

We recognise that financial matters can be complex and bringing claims against financial services companies such as the banks, by an individual, can be a very intimidating. Happily, for those individuals concerned, we have the experience and expertise to assist..

The banks, building societies and other credit lenders, as well financial advisers and brokers all work under the strict regulations which are governed by the Financial Conduct Authority, despite these regulations we are finding that many consumers are still suffering as a result of the mis-selling of financial products

We probably all know someone who was mis-sold an endowment which fell short of its over-generous maturity predictions leaving the customer many thousands of pounds short to repay their mortgage.

More recently of course the most notable scandal has been that of the mis-selling PPI insurance, a scandal which has already cost the banks billions of pounds in refunds, with an estimated half of those who were mis-sold still yet to claim.

Satchell Moran carry out our financial mis-selling work on a no-win fee basis

Please contact a member of our Financial Mis-selling Department headed by Paula Satchell and Terry Moran on 0151 268 8282, or email us on, or use the contact form below to begin your journey to justice.


When obtaining financial advice concerning your pension, you should always be aware of possible pension mis-selling.

If you were advised to take out a pension but were not fully informed of the risks, together with alternative products on offer or warned what would happen if the performance of the pension was poor, the chances are you have been mis-sold.

Pension advisers are often independent financial advisers or brokers who work on behalf of financial institutions. Pension providers have a strict code of practice to follow.

Unfortunately, it has been found that, some pension advisers have misled customers to move their pensions into self-invested personal pension (SIPPs) which have been found to carry a greater risk.

You may have been mis-sold if, you were not asked about your personal circumstances, the adviser didn’t give you enough information to make an informed decision, you were advised to take out a personal pension when a corporate or company pension scheme would have ended up with a better deal, you were pressured into signing an agreement without a cooling off period or the opportunity to shop around for the best deal offered to you.

Customers, who feel they have suffered a financial loss or other loss as a result of negligent advice from a pensions adviser should first make a complaint through the company complaints procedure, if they have one!

If their complaint is upheld, the outcome may not be finically palatable to the customer.

Customers considering suing a pensions advisor for professional negligence have six years from the date of the event constituting negligence, or three years from the date they first realised negligence had occurred, in which to make a claim.

Because of the complexity of suing a pension advisor and proving that they failed in their duty of care towards a customer or acted negligently in carrying out their duties, some customers feel unable to challenge such operators.

Satchell Moran can assist in this regard, and we will be more than willing to assist you in reclaiming any financial losses we can establish, plus interest if appropriate.

If this applies to you then contact a member of our Financial Mis-selling Department headed by Paula Satchell and Terry Moran on 0151 268 8282, or email us on, or use the contact form below to begin your journey to justice.


Have you been pressured into buying Solar panels for your property? Have you been mis-led at the time of the sale with the Representative promising that the Solar Panels would save you money on your energy bills or even earn an additional income, but have ended up out of pocket?

If so, we can make a mis-selling claim on your behalf.

The typical sales pitch for Solar panels are that they will “pay for themselves” supposedly saving money on energy bills and any surplus energy is sold back to the national grid (referred to as the “feed in tariff”). When in many cases “self-funding solar panel” claims were grossly exaggerated, leaving thousands of people locked into expensive and lengthy financial agreements.

For further information please get in touch with one of our experts and we may be able to get you compensation for the money you have spent to date and get any outstanding finance written off on your behalf.

Please contact a member of our Financial Mis-selling team on 0151 268 8282 or email us on, or use the contact form below.


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