A court appearance can be scary and intimidating. That’s why it’s important to seek the correct legal representation. At Satchell Moran Solicitors, we can represent you at the Magistrates’ Court. This is where virtually all criminal court cases start and 95% of cases will be completed there. We can also represent you at the Crown Court. This is reserved for the more serious cases.

Representation at the Magistrates’ Court

If you’ve been accused of a crime, you may find yourself needing representation at the Magistrates’ Court. Our expert solicitors will guide you through the entire process, keeping you well informed along the way. Typically, you’ll have to endure a first appearance. This will be followed by a disclosure of evidence, plea, trial and, if necessary, sentencing. We know that a court environment can leave you feeling drained and confused which is why we’ll explain everything so you won’t be left in the dark.

Our fees: Legal Aid is usually available for those who qualify. You may also have legal expense insurance that’ll cover our fees. If you cannot secure financial help, we charge a fixed fee and can be flexible with payment plans to help you cope.

For Magistrates’ Court enquiries, please contact Paul Williams on 0151 268 8282 or email us on for more information. You can also use the contact form below and we’ll get in touch quickly.

Representation at the Crown Court

If you are appearing before the Crown Court, then you are facing a serious offence. For this reason, it’s essential to secure expert legal representation in order to achieve the best possible outcome in court. Again, the process can be very intimidating and, with the prospect of a potentially significant sentence hanging over you, it makes sense to have an expert lawyer by your side. We only ever use a small selection of barristers who have the talent to achieve the best results.

Here at Satchell Moran Solicitors, we have combined experience of over 50 years in dealing with serious cases before the Crown Court. This includes:

  • Burglary
  • High value theft
  • Serious fraud
  • Affray and violent disorder
  • Serious assaults
  • Serious drugs offences and conspiracy
  • Murder
  • Serious sexual offences

Our fees: Again, Legal Aid is usually available in the Crowd Court, but you need to qualify under Legal Aid Agency criteria. If you have legal expense insurance this might also cover our professional fees. Our prices are fixed so you’ll know exactly where you stand. And if you need to find the funds yourself, our flexible payment plans will make things easier during an already stressful time.

For Crown Court representation enquiries, please contact Mark Satchell on 0151 268 8282 or email us on You can also fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


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I will start by, firstly, recommending Satchell Moran to anybody for any legal representation before they go to anyone else.

If they cannot help you, they will refer you to people who can.

All those at Satchell Moran are very knowledgeable, easy going, and most of all, honest about their work. I can assure you that they will endevour to get the best possible outcome for you in relation to any legal issue you have.

Keep up the good work. Many thanks.

- Alan Wardle

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