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Business Interruption Claim

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to take out business insurance that will pay out if your company has to close through no fault of your own. That’s just good practice and common sense. But the Covid-19 pandemic has made things a whole lot more complicated. Now, many insurers are refusing to pay out for business interruption leaving many companies short. If this sounds familiar, you could be entitled to compensation, so why not get in touch today?

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Your Right to Claim

At Satchell Moran Solicitors, we know the pandemic has caused extreme levels of business disruption. But if your insurance policy is extended to include an occurrence of any human infectious or human contagious disease or has a clause in relation to the denial of access to your premises, you may be able to claim. It all comes down to policy wording and we can review this on your behalf. Often, the wording is unclear, and insurers are using this to wriggle out of making payments. That’s why it’s so important to seek professional help from a reputable solicitor.

What Does the Law Say?

With so much controversy and confusion around business interruption claims, it’s perhaps no wonder that the Financial Conduct Authority stepped in to ask the courts to resolve issues surrounding the pandemic. The FCA Test Case resulted in the Supreme Court handing down a favourable judgement for the policyholders in January 2021. That said, it’s important to note the following limitations from within the judgement.

  1. 12 out of 21 sample wordings were held to provide cover. However, the FCA has estimated that there are 700 types of business interruption policies which will include significant variations to the sample wording provided.
  2. Due to these variations, it is likely that insurers will contest the cover. The insurers will make legal distinctions which most policyholders will not be able to deal with without the help of a solicitor.
  3. It was not the intention of the FCA for the Test Case to incorporate all possible disputes and therefore does not determine the policyholder’s individual claims.
  4. The Test Case does not include non-damage wording and therefore only resolves limited questions to the extent of the cover.

In short, seeking advice from one of our expert business disruption lawyers will put your mind at ease and help you receive any compensation you’re entitled to.

For help, advice and support around this issue, please contact a member of our Financial Mis-selling team on 0151 268 8282 or email us on You can also fill out our contact form and our solicitors in Liverpool will be in touch as soon as possible.