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Data Breach Claims

Data breaches and privacy issues are a big concern as many companies hold important information digitally. While we’d like to think that our personal details are safely locked away and protected on computer servers with tight security and limited access, this is often not the case. And if your information is unethically obtained by an unauthorised party, you might be entitled to data breach compensation. We can make a claim on your behalf, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Data Breaches – What Are the Risks?

We live in a digital world. And let’s face it, computerised information is generally a lot easier to organise and keep safe than notes on paper. That said, your privacy can be compromised in numerous ways. Firstly, criminal hackers are highly intelligent and know how to crack even the tightest of codes. That’s why passwords, virus software and software security is a must. Secondly, many companies fail to put even the basic security measures in place. This leaves data wide open to intruders. Mistakes can also be made that allow anyone to access information on a site.

Your Right to Claim

While preventing hackers from accessing or attempting to access private information isn’t always possible, companies must show that they’ve taken all relevant steps to stop a data breach in its tracks. Failure to do so could make your compensation claim strong, resulting in a decent financial pay-out. Therefore, if you believe that your personal, financial, or medical information has been obtained by an unauthorised party due to either hacking or negligence, get in touch today.

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