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Supermarket Slip Claims

Popping out to buy your groceries might seem like a simple, repetitive and hassle-free task. But unfortunately, hundreds of shoppers are injured every year in supermarkets. It’s the responsibility of all supermarket and shop owners to ensure that consumers are safe on their premises and if you’re injured as a result of negligence, you could be entitled to make a claim. Here at Satchell Moran Solicitors, our team of specialist accident lawyers will examine your case and advise you how to proceed, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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What Type of Supermarket Accidents are Most Common?

Supermarkets have a surprising number of hazards to navigate. From spillages and falling items to objects blocking the aisles, many things can cause a supermarket slip or injury. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), most slips, trips and falls occur when:

  • Smooth floors are left wet after cleaning
  • Spills are not cleaned up quicky and effectively
  • There is failure to keep the floor free from contamination

In a HSE report, some areas of a supermarket have been labelled particularly hazardous or dangerous including the customer entrance. This part of the store is considered to be a slip risk because people enter the store with water on their shoes in wet weather, making the surface slippery for other customers. Both customers and workers are vulnerable as a result, so it really is in a store’s best interest to take steps to minimise costly accident claims.

When Can I Make a Supermarket Slip Compensation Claim?

If you feel the supermarket in question did not take steps to create a safe shopping environment and this directly resulted in a slip, trip, fall or personal injury, you could be entitled to make a supermarket slip compensation claim. As well as the points mentioned above, supermarket falls can also be caused by broken pavements in the carpark or from a lack of signage in a hazardous area. For example, if a liquid is spilled and cleaned up, but a wet floor sign isn’t used to warn consumers of a potential slip risk, your claim could be valid. So long as the accident happened on the premises, you can make a claim. It doesn’t matter whether the fall happened inside the store or outside in the parking area.

Of course, every single claim is different and the supermarket in question is likely to put up a defence. For example, a supermarket owner might claim that the floor had been treated with an anti-slip product and therefore the safety of consumers was taken into account. So speak to our professional team of solicitors today for expert help and advice. We’ll analyse your case in detail and assess your likelihood of winning. As a company with over 40 years of combined experience, we’ll always use our expertise to ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation where possible on a potential no win, no fee basis.

What Will a Supermarket Slip Compensation Claim Cover?

When it comes to making a supermarket slip compensation claim, it’s normal to feel embarrassed or that you’re causing some kind of disturbance or hassle. But you’re not. Supermarket slips, trips and falls can lead to nasty injuries so it’s really important to pursue your case with expert assistance to help your life go back to how it was before the accident.

Of course, the mental trauma might last longer than any physical pain, but the money you receive can cover the costs your injury has caused including long-term medical treatment such as physiotherapy. It can also potentially cover any financial losses you incur such as lost days at work. From broken bones to torn muscles and head injuries, the impact of an accident at a supermarket can have devastating effects, so don’t suffer in silence.

We’re here to help you every step of the way and will deal with your case in a sensitive and timely way. We’ll also be honest with you and will tell you quickly if your case is strong or whether you need more evidence. Remember that where possible, always try to take pictures of the scene and your injuries as this makes your claim harder to dispute in court.

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No-Obligation Legal Advice

Contact Satchell Moran Solicitors in Liverpool today for no-obligation legal advice. When you speak to an advisor, we’ll give you professional feedback, so you know whether you have a claim or not. The expert solicitor working on your behalf will also likely be able to help you make your claim on a no win, no fee basis. This means that if you don’t win, there won’t be a solicitor’s fee to pay. For this reason, if we take on your case, you know we’ll operate with maximum confidence and get you the compensation that you deserve.